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We integrate technologies and design wireless solutions for industrial applications. We produce with the utmost attention to product quality and continuous improvement.

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6LoWPAN devices
for Network and IoT applications.

  • powerful
  • reliable
  • Low-Consumption
  • AES Encryption
  • SmartMachine®
  • SmartModule
  • sub 1GHz
  • IPv6 natively

xip4 e xip5TheX.IP5 SmartMachine and theX.IP4 SmartModule simplify the creation of local network applications accessible by Internet, thus manageable from smartphones, and allows the data storage in the cloud.

These SmartDevices are addressed to the Open Source World and to the Developers community: they meets the requirements of Contiki OS thanks to the powerful ARM Cortex M3-on board and enable to develop the firmware with the 6LoWPAN protocol to create star or mesh networks.

• IPv6 Address • Low Consumption • AES-128 Security Module • High radio performances sub 1GHz • High computing power with ARM® Cortex® M3 • CC1310-based • Small size • Great flexibility of use thanks to GPIOs(5x SmartMachine and 15x SmartModule)  





TheX.ip4T SmartModule and theX.ip5 SmartMachine are 6LowPAN devices, Thingsquare-compatible and provide very high-performancesultra low consumptionIP-driven nodes and large mesh and star network support. These smart devices work at the standard frequency 868 MHz, besides the operating frequency is fully customizable (from 315 MHZ to 920 MHz). 



X.ip4 SmartModule

xip4 dimensioni

TheX.ip4 SmartModule is a smart transceiver: very low active RF and microcontroller (MCU) current consumption, in addition to flexiblelow-power modes, provide excellent battery lifetime and allow long-range operation on small coin-cell batteries and in energy-harvesting applications.

The X.ip4 SmartModule can be easily integrated with third party hardware and provide maximum flexibility of use thanks to 15 GPIOs.

For more details, see the X.ip4T Datasheet




 X.ip5 SmartMachine®

xip5 dimensioni

The X.ip5 SmartMachine® is an advanced device, battery-powered (CR20132) and with an on-board PCB antenna for ready-to-use application. A SMA-connector version is also available.

 With the X.ip5 SmartMachine you will be able to halve the time-to-market, reduce product development and operational cost.

For more details, see the X.ip5 Datasheet



xip5 callouts



SmartModule and SmartMachine: side-by-side comparison

chart xip4 xip5



SmartMachine Gateway

SM Gateway

The SmartMachine Gateway allows the SmartMachine® and the SmartModule (nodes) to connect to the Internet so that your local network application is accessible by Internet thus your devices manageable from everywhere in the world.

 Chart xip5 smGW




SmartDevices and Thingsquare

The SmartDevices with Thingsquare turn traditional objects into devices and applications for the loT, so designers can focus mainly on the characteristics of their project (marketing, deployment,…)

Telecontrolli chose a reliable partner as Thingsquare to offer a solution with high added value: design effort, prototyping-time and time-to-market are considerably reduced.

Download the Thingsquare firmware for Telecontrolli platform.  

Thingsquare Desktop is available in Chrome Web Store - Thingsquare App is available for iOS and Android


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