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We are happy to show you a new DIY Electronic project made with our products. This is RT40 and RR10 time.
On the popular web-based documentation platform a brand new radiofrequency project has appeared: the RF Sheep Tracker!




What's RF Sheep Tracker?
It's a RF smart collar for sheeps equipped to transmit a continuous signal. So when the collar goes out of range, a buzzer alert sounds on the receiver device.

The smart collar can do more:
> Sheep moving alert - if the collar detects motion, a fast buzzer sounds on receiver device
> Night mode - a rainbow led light glows brightly in the night 
> Moving light alert - during the night, if the collar detects motion, a blinking white light on it allows you to visually track the sheep

The RF communication between the collar and the receiver device is possible thanks to Telecontrolli RT40 and RR10 modules.

Take a look at the project on here:
Download RT40 and RR10 Datasheets.




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