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DIY Electronics Building and sharing geeky ideas has never before been so easy. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are more affordable devices than ever. Components are available in abundance. Online tutorials and courses abound. In short, now is the time to learn DIY electronics and become a Maker!

Makers are all the people who make ideas real, who create products with a strong innovative approach, who are technology enthusiasts, educators, thinkers, inventors, engineers, writers, artists, students, designer, artisans 2.0, a little bit of everything.

Their motto is "Do It Yourself" but mostly "We do together”: Makers freely share their ideas and spread inspiration across the web. One of the most popular web-based documentation platform followed by makers and DIYers is is a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects, which users can comment on and rate for quality. It’s dedicated to step-by-step collaboration among members to build a variety of projects according to category: technology, craft, home, food, play, outside, costumes and so on.

Last week, a brand new project was updated on and the Telecontrolli products were chosen to make this idea real because of its reliability and performance: Peggy is a nice and useful gadget that alerts you when it is starting to rain, so you can bring your clothes safe and under cover.

Instructables peggy

Project main components are: Telecontrolli capacitive rain sensor, RT40 transmitter module 433Mhz, RR10 receiver module 433Mhz and Arduino.
In short, when rain sensor detect rain over a predefinied treshold level, the transmitter module sends a continue RF signal to a listening receiver module which activates an audio-video alarm.

Peggy is already got over 6.600 views in few days, if you haven’t seen it yet, go to  and enjoy!

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