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IoT+ SystemWe are pleased to announce our industry and customer-specific solution for the Internet of Things: the IoT+ System.
IoT+ System is the new hardware development platform for IoT application. It’s a unique and powerful tool for developers interested in 6LoWPAN standard protocol and IPv6 fixed address for the IoT.

IoT+ System is a general purpose solution designed to support a wide variety of products and service and to reduce the time to market of third-party IoT application: it is suitable for the maximum opening to different architectures and existing devices.

In the coming weeks, we will launch the firstborns of the X.ip Transceiver Family, which will be followed by the H.ip Hub Family to complete the IoT+ Hardware.

But let's find out something about these product families!

X.ip is a small size, low-power, sub 1Ghz band transceiver family with standard ip protocol and new low-power standard (6Lowpan).
X.ip1 and X.ip2 are RF transceivers with very low power consumption and easy radio configuration setting (X.ip2) and represent the upgraded and high-performance version of Telecontrolli core products.
X.ip4 and X.ip5 are 6LowPAN devices: very high-performance, low power, IP-driven nodes and large mesh network support make these innovative smart modules the perfect solution for the Internet of Things applications.

H.ip Hub Family consists of sub1GHz, 2.4 GHz and Ethernet gateway, router and IoT app server, result of technology partnership with international company specialized in routing.

Telecontrolli Marketing and R&D Departments presented the technology development and commercialization phases of these new products.
First products launched will be the radio module X.ip1 (in late september.. we're nearly there!) and the smart module X.ip4: pre-order (sampling) will be available from the fourth quarter of 2016. (Pre-order guarantee special price and specialized tech support). Modules will then be released for mass production next November.

So in order to keep abreast of latest developments in the IoT+ System, what better place to source your information than subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook , Google+ and Linkedin!


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